Cabin Fever

We had gorgeous weather for our cabin weekend.  It was sunny, hot and windy.  Perfect for a couple of days at the lake.

We arrived at sunset and went straight to the boat landing to get our boat in the water for the weekend.  The sky was beautiful.


These friendly ducks greeted us.  Look closely. They are in the shadows.

Family of Ducks

Mike backed up the trail to the water.  Sebastian hopped in the boat and off he went into the sunset.

Off He Goes

Mike waited patiently while Sophia and I took photos.  He even stopped along the roadside on the way back to the cabin to let me take this photo of the sun setting in a field.

Field, Trees and Fog

We were all surprised to see pelicans flying over the lake during the weekend.  Over the many decades Mike’s family has come to the lake, they have never before seen pelicans.

Pelican Pair
In Flight

We saw bald eagles throughout the weekend, including this one who did a little fishing in front of us.


If you look closely, you can see the sunfish in his talons.


Mike and I came upon this guy during a run as he was crossing the dirt road.  We brought him back to the cabin for Sophia to see.  After a few photos, we returned him to where we found him.  We made certain that he was safely on his way to the pond and off the road.

Painted Turtle

This is my favorite photo from the weekend.

Golden Mosaic Dragonfly

Look for the dragonfly photobomb at the top of this photo…

Through The Grass
Cheaper By The Dozen

The weekend also included a little fishing for Mike and Sophia.  The eagle had better luck though.

Father & Daughter


Almost August

It’s nearly August.  Where did July go?  It’s been a great month, but it has definitely gone by too quickly.  As with June, we spent a lot of time at the baseball field.  With Sebastian playing on three teams, when I wasn’t cheering him on, I was washing his baseball uniforms.  We did take a break from baseball on the 4th of July and played a little golf (mini golf for Sophia and me) and went to Bayfront Festival Park to enjoy some music and fireworks.

Tee Time
Fourth Fest

After a very late night, we all slept in and then packed for a weekend at Tom and Karen’s cabin.  We enjoyed a nice sunset, the local wildlife and some boating/tubing.

Sunset On Long Lake
Catching Some Rays
Leave It To Beaver
Smooth Ride
Wild Ride
Nice And Easy (With Nana)

After a relaxing weekend, we headed home to get back to work and for more baseball!