We did little to prep for Halloween this year.  I carved one simple pumpkin – the design was chosen by Sophia.  Sebastian carved his own jack-o-lantern without a pattern or design in mind.  He did a great job!  We hung our milk jug skeleton (Mr. Bones) outside and put a few assorted Halloween decorations throughout the house.  For the most part, it was very low-key.  As for costumes, Sebastian found a wig at the store that he built a costume around.  We dug deep through our closets to accessorize.  He went trick-or-treating with several boys in a neighborhood by his old elementary school.  He came home with a pillow case half full of candy.  Sophia used part of her costume from last year, part of my costume from a few years ago and added some extra items to finish her look.  Mike took her trick-or-treating in our neighborhood for an hour or so.  They came home with a cauldron full of loot.

Perfect Pumpkin For Carving
Let The Carving Begin
Friendly Ghosts
All Lit Up
Ready For Trick-Or-Treating
The Candy Crew
At School – Nice Witch
Mean Witch – Warts, Makeup & Cauldron

The kids had a great time trick-or-treating and the weather was perfect.  Daphne helped me hand out candy at our house.  No one bothered to use the doorbell when they arrived since Daphne announced each group of trick-or-treaters with a bark.

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