The birch, maple and oak trees in our yard have all lost their leaves.  The few oak leaves that had remained early in the week quickly fell during the wind and rain that we had over the past few days.  Only a few bushes have endured and are brightening up an otherwise dreary, fog-filled week.

Rojo, Amarillo, Verde
Fall Splendor
Dripping Wet

I did find a few lone trees with leaves as I made my way into work this morning.  The bright yellow of these trees brightened a foggy departure by an ore carrier under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Bon Voyage

2 thoughts on “Last Colors Of Fall

  1. Your photos are great. I have just started photography and have a lot to learn but it’s so fun and relaxing and to see other photographers on here gives real inspiration for different shots. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I have a few photography blogs that I view frequently. It is fun, educational and inspirational to see different photographers’ work. I also have a lot to learn, but am enjoying it along the way. Good luck to you!


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