Jack o’lanterns

Yesterday we brought out our knives and creativity to make this year’s jack o’lanterns. The cast of characters from left to right below are: Triangle Man, Mummy, Pumpkin Eater and Owl.

Ready for their close-ups:

Pumpkin Eater by Mary…

Owl by Sophia…

Mummy by Mary (on behalf of Sebastian who opted out of carving a pumpkin this year)…

And last, but not least, Triangle Man by Mike…

Happy Halloween everyone!  Be safe and don’t eat too much candy.  🙂

Happy Halloween!

Sophia and I created the first of our three jack-o-lanterns last Sunday.  We lovingly call him “cleaver”.


Last night Mike and Sebastian started on our other pumpkins.  Mike prepped one and let me take over to create a creepy faced jack-o-lantern.  Sebastian did his own from start to finish.

Creepy Face & Scream

Now that Sebastian is too old for trick-or-treating, he used our tickets for tonight’s UMD hockey Halloween game and asked three friends to join him.  Mike dropped the boys off at the arena and came home to escort “Amelia Earhart” around our neighborhood.


Sophia trick-or-treated for a little over an hour and covered the whole neighborhood. She completed a very successful candy gathering mission.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!