Sophia had the opportunity to play piano at Glensheen Mansion’s Halloween Spooktacular last night.  It was opening night of the event and several music students played solo and group pieces in the carriage house as guests made their way through the grounds of the estate and viewed hundreds of jack-o-lanterns.  Sophia was excited to play one of her favorite songs “Little Grey Owl” and also to see Spooktacular again this year.  It didn’t hurt that there was hot chocolate, popcorn and s’mores available along the way.

All Dressed Up
Solo – Little Grey Owl

Here’s the video of her performance on YouTube.

We saw jack-o-lanterns of all shapes and sizes with no two designs the same.

Jack-O-Lantern Stream

Sophia did a great job playing her piece without missing a note and we enjoyed a wonderful fall evening walking the grounds of a beautiful estate.


The past several weeks have been filled with cooler temps and shorter days.  Sophia continues her piano lessons and gymnastics every week.  Sebastian started basketball a few weeks ago and had his first tournament this past weekend.  Mike took a work trip to Santa Clara, California.  My photography has been neglected due to busy weekends and the lack of daylight when I finally leave work for the day.  Here are the few photos that I’ve taken since late October.

Snow Covered Pumpkins
Sprinkled With Snow
Gray & White
Brown & White
Feeding Time
More Hungry Geese
Feeding Time Is Over
Gaggle Of Geese


Jack-O-Lantern Carving
Halloween Parade – Fortune Teller

Basketball Tournament…

Go Red #3!
Colorful Skies


While Sebastian was away at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, we took Sophia and one of her BFF’s to Glensheen’s Halloween Spooktacular.  We went two years and were pleasantly surprised that they had changed things up a bit.  We enjoyed touring the grounds after dark and viewing 1,000 carved pumpkins.

Here’s a description of the event:

Visitors will walk through the spooky Cottonwood cathedral, a torch-walk against the wrought iron fence to the West Gate where a mass of grinning pumpkins will greet you at the entrance of the mansion, lit for enchanted effect. Inside, witness a Pumpkin Seance contacting the spirits of old ghouls, Herman and Lily Munster and Morticia and Gomez Addams, artistically cut onto pumpkins. Then it’s down to the mansion’s winter garden to pick the winner of the pumpkin carving contest. Back outside, tour the Bridge of Sorrows where hundreds of pumpkins are fleeing in terror over the orangey/red waters.

Sophia and her friend found a number of favorite pumpkins – Frankenstein, mummy, owl and cat.

Glensheen Spooktacular
Jack O’Lanterns
Haunted Mansion
More Carved Pumpkins

Glow sticks were for sale along the way.

Glow Sticks

The tour concluded with s’mores and a fire dancer.

Playing With Fire

We haven’t finished our own preparations for Halloween.  We still have three pumpkins waiting to be carved.  Here are the two that we carved at my Mom’s earlier this month.

Pumpkin Heads

Later this week we will have photos of Sophia dressed up as a fortune-teller and hopefully more carved pumpkins.