Snow Day

We made a quick trip out to Mont du Lac to ski today.  We got some fresh air, exercise and lots of sunshine.  It was a perfect February day for skiing.  Although we haven’t had much snow this year, the hill was in pretty good condition from the snow machines.  We packed a cooler with snacks and beverages and took a break outside on the deck about halfway through the afternoon.  Sebastian and Sophia tried skiing moguls for the first time and did very well.  Knowing my own limits, I stayed away from the moguls and black diamonds and stuck to easier skiing.  Mike gave Sophia pointers on skiing techniques that will help her when we all go to Vail…or maybe just Spirit Mountain.  We could not have asked for a better day – no injuries, no complaining, no cold fingers or toes and lots and lots of fun!

Top Of The World

Sunny Day

Bottom Of The Hill

Ready For Some Skiing

Look At Me!

Mike is the black spot in the background behind Sophia.



You have to look hard, but Sebastian is the tiny spot on the left of the chairlift doing the moguls.

We probably won’t get a chance to get out to Mont du Lac again this year before the snow is gone, but look for us back again next year!


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