Friday nights are traditionally pizza nights at our house.  This means I am off the hook from cooking.  Mike picks up Papa Murphy’s pizzas and we enjoy a movie or game night with the kids.  After a long work (or school) week, it’s something that we all look forward to.

Pizza Night

Tonight’s Game of Choice – Mario Brothers
Sophia recently learned how to play Mario Brothers.  Now that we have a third remote for the Wii, the kids along with Mike are able to sharpen their Wii skills to conquer Mario world.  I’ve never actually played the game myself.  I’m a little too intimidated since they have nearly mastered the game.

Mario Brothers


Before pizza and game night, we took Daphne for a walk around the neighborhood.  Even though it’s only early February, the melting snow and warm temperatures make it feel like spring.  Daphne was busy smelling all the new scents that have appeared.  She seems to have the energy of a puppy even though she’s seven years old.  Or maybe she has spring fever like the rest of us.

Daphne - How About We Go For A Walk?
When The Sun Goes Down


We aren’t planning a winter/spring vacation this year, but will instead spend an overnight at a local hotel so that the kids can enjoy the pool, hot tub and an awesome continental breakfast the next morning complete with Belgian waffles.  We won a gift certificate during a silent auction fundraiser last fall and thought it might be a good time to use it.  The hotel we will be staying at also has outdoor fire pits for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.  It’s only a mini “staycation”, but we are all looking forward to it.

We will also spend a night in Minneapolis to check out the Twin Cities Auto Show.  After over 13 blissful years with our SUV, this is the year that we are going to have to say goodbye.  With a leaky sunroof and leaking oil, along with small spots of rust starting to appear, we plan to find something more fuel-efficient (and cool).   With two growing kids, a dog, a small boat to tow and winter driving in Duluth, a new four-wheel drive vehicle is an investment we really need to make later this year.

Preparations for our Super Bowl party are underway.  I was supposed to spend the day cleaning, grocery shopping and prepping for the big day.  The party is pretty low-key with our fellow fantasy football players and friends, along with their kids.  Everyone brings something to share.  Mike suggested earlier in the week that we go skiing on the weekend and I politely reminded him that we will be hosting the party at our house for the first time.  He and the kids made promises to help with everything – cleaning, shopping and cooking – if I would agree to go skiing.  I couldn’t turn down a warm, sunny day and ended up playing hooky from my chores to hit the slopes.  I have no regrets, but am left with a big to-do list for tomorrow.  I hope everyone in our house gets a good night’s rest tonight, because tomorrow is a work day!

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