Mike was leaving to pick up Sophia from her class tonight and came back inside to persuade me to come out and look at the moon. It was just beginning to come up over the horizon through the trees. Last night was actually the full moon, but tonight’s moon didn’t disappoint. Because we are in a residential area with lots of trees and houses, I grabbed my camera and hopped in the car with Mike hoping I could get a better shot from the parking lot at the church where Sophia’s class was. While Mike went in to collect Sophia, I took a few images resting the camera on the fence surrounding the parking lot. I didn’t bother to bring a tripod since we were rushing to get there on time, so the fence was the best I could do. I also realized that I really need a longer zoom lens. I’ve been saying that for a while, but maybe this is the year. Even with the lack of equipment, I’m glad I took a few minutes out of our busy evening to capture this image.

Waning Moon

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