Fall Baseball, Flag Football, Swimming Like A Fish & Furry Friends

We have had a full schedule of sports this fall.  Sebastian will be finishing up the last of his UMD fall baseball clinics this weekend.  Flag football runs through October and Sophia has been working on her swimming skills at the YMCA pool.  We had a perfect day for Sebastian’s baseball scrimmage this past Sunday.  Warm and sunny – it couldn’t have been a nicer day.

Batter Up
On Base
Playing 3rd Base

Sophia stayed busy during Sebastian’s game with her new hula hoop (and wearing my sunglasses).

Hula Girl

Sebastian finished the day with a flag football practice.  Then on Monday he headed back to the field and played a flag football game.  It was an awesome night for football and we had a bonus with Mike filling in as coach.

Game Plan
Reviewing The Play
Ready To Make Some Plays
Time For Action
From The Sidelines

I did catch some of the action, but was a bit distracted by this…

Boxer Puppy

Sophia didn’t actually see any of the game.  One of the opposing team’s parents brought their new puppy to the game.  Sophia was too busying playing with this little gal to care what was happening on the field.  She cuddled her, pet her and wrapped her up in our blanket to keep warm.

Watching The Game
Lap Dog

Sophia eventually gave her back to the owners when we had to leave.  She is convinced that Daphne needs a friend and that we should get a boxer puppy too.  Umm, yeah…that’s not going to happen any time soon.  Sorry Sophia.

p.s.  Mike did a great job coaching and Sebastian’s team won the game, holding the other team to only one touchdown.  Officially this is only a rec league and they don’t keep track of scores, but Mike and Sebastian always keep track.  They can’t help it.

Joy of Love ~ Day 9

Day 9 Theme ~ Passions and Hobbies

Sebastian enjoys playing and watching football.  Although his NFL team didn’t make the playoffs this year, his flag football team totally rocked.  Sebastian’s passion for football is shared by his Dad (and his Papa Tom, and his Uncle Sean and Nana Karen too).

Passion For Football


Sebastian has been required to read several books this year for 4th grade.  Although he needed a bit of encouragement to sit down and pull a book out early in the year, we often find him in his room looking like this now.

Book Worm


Sophia’s passion continues to be…art.  She loves to work on any project that involves markers, crayons, glue, scissors or any other form of creativity.

Artist At Work