This Week’s Photos

I’m too tired for a lot of writing, so without further ado, here are this week’s photos.

Yellow Bird
Feeding Time


Deer Feeder?
Taking Time To Chew His Food
Mmm, Mmm, Good

Time to rake the yard.

The Clean Up Crew
Bag Lady
A Break From The Rake

A couple of photos of our “senior” boxer, Daphne.

Portrait Of A Boxer

I’m still waiting for these to bloom.  It’s been so cold, I think they are afraid to open.

Ready To Bloom
Daffodils ~ Also Waiting To Bloom
Northern Flicker
Looking For Dinner

Our first thunderstorm of the season brought hail.


The Honorable James L. Oberstar came in under the Aerial Lift Bridge at 9:30 this morning.  Yes, that really is ice in the harbor on May 8.  I photographed the boat back in 2011 the day before it was christened with Oberstar’s name.  You can see photos here.

Hon. James L. Oberstar
In The Harbor

Favorite Photos Of 2013

Here are my favorite (nature) photos from the past year.

Below Zero At The Harbor – iPhone Photo
Boreal Owl Visiting The Backyard
Blooming Amaryllis
Early Morning Winter Sun
Cold Seat
Ornamental Grass
Stormy Seas
Broken Ice
Shipping Season Begins
Dusk At The Lighthouse
Cold Swim
Frosted Trees
Bald Eagle
Bush Cherry Blossoms
Long Lake Sunset
Quiet Path
In Flight
Fly Away
White Lilies
Forgotten Ford
Fall Colors
Hawk Ridge Sunrise
Grass & Bokeh
Standing Tall
Thirsty Bear
Fall Colors
Changing Seasons
Winter Sunrise

I’m looking forward to what 2014 has in store.


Sophia and I enjoyed the last weekend of “official” summer with a walk/bike ride.  We brought Daphne with so that she could enjoy the warm weather too.  The forecast of 71 degrees happened early in the day.  It cooled off later in the afternoon and then the rain began during the evening.  We spent an hour or so enjoying the weather, picking up fall leaves, acorns and other items for Sophia’s craft project.  We also enjoyed seeing some of the local wildlife.  No bears this day, thank goodness!

The first of the wildlife was a pair if deer in a yard about a half a mile from our house.  This doe was rather curious and watched us for a while before bounding off into the trees.

Oh Deer!

We saw a group of ducks including some nearly full-grown ducklings.  The colorful feathers on their heads had not filled in yet.

Watching And Waiting
Water Fowl

We also saw this heron standing completely still in the pond.

Long-Legged Bird
Standing Still

When the bird had enough of our picture-taking, he/she flew off.

Fly Away

When we went around to the second pond, we saw him/her again.

Mirror Image

The geese spotted us and made their way over across the pond looking for hand outs.  We forgot to bring food with, so they lost interest after a while.

Snow White

Along the road on the way out Sophia stopped for a quick picture.


We noticed that some of the branches on the trees were sporting fall hues.


Today’s weather is cold, windy and rainy.  We are glad that we got out yesterday to enjoy the last few hours of warmth.