The skies have been gray and dreary all week.  We have had a mix of snow, rain and wind each day since Sunday.  We are all craving sunlight and blue skies.  We were somewhat satisfied that there was little to no precipitation today and temperatures were in the mid 40’s.  It should be in the mid to upper 50’s this time of year, but we will take what we can get.  To celebrate the departure from rain and 30’s, Daphne and I went for a walk after work.  When we returned home I spent some time searching, not for blue skies, but for any sign of green in the backyard.  When you look at the yard as a whole, it looks brown.  Well…except for the patches of white snow.  If you look closely, you will see this…

Bleeding Hearts Peeking Out
Strawberry Leaves
Baby Spruce
Siberian Squill


Day Lilies – Nibbled By Deer
Weeds…There Are Always Weeds
Moss From A Different Angle Is Still Moss

A departure from green…brown.

Old Tree

And then there was this guy.  We are accustom to seeing big gray (and sometimes black) squirrels in the city.  We never see these cute little red squirrels.  We have affectionately named this one “Hammy”.  As in “Hammy” from the movie Over the Hedge.  He moves around our backyard like he just downed an energy drink.  That is why my photos are not as close up or as crisp as I would like.  He never stops long enough to get a sharp photo.

The Squirrel Known As Hammy
Up A Tree
On The Move

During my search for spring foliage, I uncovered this Mother’s Day stepping stone Sebastian made for me with his hand print when he was 3 (with the help of his Aunt Dee Dee).  I will have to clean it up and replace the missing “E”.  Even with moss growing on it, I still love it.

Mother’s Day Gift Circa 2004

I can’t believe his hands were ever that tiny.  Now look at him.

Growing Up


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