We spent last weekend in the Twin Cities to celebrate Karen’s birthday and the Easter holiday.  We enjoyed a wonderful birthday dinner, a super fun evening of Easter egg coloring, an Easter egg hunt and a delicious brunch on Easter day.   Here a few snapshots of the weekend.

The Birthday Cake


Easter Egg Coloring
The Hunt Is On

The weather was amazing while we were in the Twin Cities which can be seen by the kids in their short sleeve shirts and shorts.  All of the snow had melted and most of ours was also gone back home in Duluth.  I even spotted my daffodils trying to peek out along the sidewalk along with a small blue flowering plant (Siberian squill?) in my back garden.

Peeking Out


Tiny Blue Blossom

Many critters have been busy in the backyard enjoying the warmer weather.

Busy Backyard

We have a pair of robins that decided to build a nest on our house’s gutter.  They have been seen gathering dried grass, mud and twigs all week.

Building A Home

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse at the end of this week.  We had a spring snowstorm that dropped nearly half a foot of snow.  We are now officially third on the list of the snowiest all-time winters in Duluth.  The forecast isn’t looking promising this week with rain, sleet, snow and wind expected through Friday.  Unless of course we want to beat the all-time record for snowfall.  I personally do not!

Winter Is Back!

Where are you Spring?

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