Sophia built a snowman on Saturday.  She made him almost entirely by herself.  There was a little mishap when she tried to put the middle snowball on as can be seen here (scroll down to the set of images titled “accident while making a snowman”).  Her snowman leaned a bit as shown in the photo below.  He was certainly a handsome fellow despite his shortcomings.

Leaning Tower Of Snowman

He was doing pretty well until last night.  That’s when we decided he looked like he was doing the limbo.

Snowman Limbo

As of this morning, he was still standing (or leaning).  It didn’t look very promising though.  His tiny little stick arm was barely holding him up.  Mike stopped by our house at lunchtime to check on our dog and found that Sophia’s snowman, Mr. Limbo, is out of the contest, so to speak.  Sorry Sophia, there will be more snow and more snowmen in your future.  Perhaps as early as Thursday if the Weather Channel is correct.

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