Elf On The Shelf 2012

Buddy, our Elf on the Shelf, came to visit on December 1.  Each morning during the month we found Buddy in a different location in our house.  Here is the photo recap of his whereabouts each day until Christmas Eve when he reported back to the North Pole.  To see where he showed up last year, you can look here, here, here, here and here.

Viewing The Vase

Searching From Atop The Snowflake

Focused From The Fridge

Concentrating In The Canister

Looking From The Light

Contemplating In The Clay Pot

Peering From The Pendant

Frozen On The Frame

Captivated In The Candle

Staring From The Stocking

Placed In The Pottery

Gazing From The Goblet

Sitting On A Circle

Fixed In The Fluff

Planted In The Presents

Frozen In The Foliage

Snuggling With Santa

Looking Dashing On The Door

Sitting On The Chandelier

Fastened On The Fireplace

Glancing At The Snow Globe

Browsing The Book

Buddy followed us to the Twin Cities while we stayed with Mike’s parents to celebrate an early Christmas.  The final two photos were taken at their house.

Mellowing On The Mantle

Roosting On The Railing

We said good-bye to Buddy on the 24th.  We look forward to his return next December.

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