The apple tree in our backyard is starting to bloom. The lilacs will be next. I love this time of year!

Wide Open


Pretty In Pink


Branching Out




We made this for dessert yesterday. Chocolate pie in a jar. We baked a graham cracker crust in the bottom of canning jars. Next, we added homemade chocolate pudding and topped it with fresh whipped cream. Who knew you could bake in a canning jar? Way cool.



Tonight, we had strawberry shortcake in a jar. Yellow cake on the bottom, fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. I didn’t get any pictures of this one. We couldn’t wait and emptied our jars before we even thought to snap a picture. It was delish!

Sophia and I are already planning brownies for our next jar baking adventure. Who’s ready for dessert?

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