With nothing more than a dozen stale graham crackers, canned white frosting and leftover Halloween candy, the kids set to work on creating their own gingerbread houses this past Sunday.  We pushed our luck by not letting the frosting set before decorating Sophia’s house,  but with a little help from my Fiestaware bowls for bracing, we avoided collapse.  Sophia wanted to add more candy decorations but we ran out of frosting and it was time for bed.  Here is what the kids came up with.

Sophia's House


Here’s a side view.  This is where we nearly had a collapse, but were able to save the house with Mike’s ingenuity and engineering skills.

Sophia's House II


Here is Sebastian’s “monster gingerbread house”.  I think he got caught up with the idea of using Halloween candy and created a more sinister look.  I love his Hershey bar chimney and bat pretzel adornments on the roof.  Very clever!

Sebastian's House


I will have to remember to hold on to all of that unwanted Halloween candy again for next year’s gingerbread houses.  It created some fun and inexpensive entertainment, along with a sticky counter and lots of mess to clean up! 🙂

p.s.  Take a look at the snowman in Sophia’s yard.  I think he took a look at Sebastian’s monster house and got a little freaked out.


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