Week 21 Theme ~ A Need For Speed

Flying High

Our very old swing set is still a favorite place for the kids to spend time after school.  Sophia and Sebastian both swing so high that they brush the tree branches behind them.

I also had the opportunity to photograph the Hon. James L. Oberstar as it was being towed in place behind the DECC for its christening during the “need for speed” theme week.  Mike would not have enjoyed the location for taking the photographs – on top of the DECC Arena roof.  It was a little freaky to be that high up, but I stayed several feet from the edge.  There was not much “speed” in this photo, but slow and steady helped to get the ship in its very tight port behind the DECC.

Slow And Steady


Week 22 Theme ~ Reflection

With all of the craziness of this past week, including my birthday, baseball games, practices, volleyball, grad parties, etc., I didn’t have time to take a “reflection” photo.  Instead, here is a favorite reflection from last year at Hartley pond on Father’s Day.


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