I brought home a few promotional items from work this week.  A sales person was pitching their services to my boss and left behind items with their company logo.  I was given a choice between a can cozy, a small utility light and some stress-relieving yellow squishy guys.  I won the jackpot and ended up with the light and both of the squishy guys.  The kids always love that kind of stuff, for a little while anyway.  It’s like bringing home McDonald’s toys – it entertains them for a about five minutes, then ends up in a bin along with the ones from the previous visit to the place famous for its Big Macs.  This time Sebastian was out-of-town on his Wolf Ridge trip, so Sophia ended up with all the loot.  Plus she had a bonus – a big box from Kohl’s had arrived during the day.  Every kid loves big boxes.  The last one that we had was turned into a car with paper wheels and headlights, bumpers and a steering wheel.  Sophia thought the squishy guys and the light were pretty cool.  However, an hour later when she saw the box in the living room, she said, “Why didn’t you tell me we had a box?”.  I guess she was excited about all of the endless possibilities that lie ahead.  I was busy in the kitchen while she was busy in the living room with scissors, glue and coloring crayons.  She did poke her head in the kitchen for a moment to scope out some “building materials” from the recycle bin.  When she was all done she had created a soccer arena complete with two yellow squishy guy soccer players, a soccer ball made from paper, two goal posts and for when it gets dark out – the arena was equipped with an overhead light.  Check it out…

Sullivan Soccer Arena


Let The Game Begin


Bring It On Yellow Squishy Guy


Arena Lighting


Turning On The Light


Very impressive given the materials she had to work with.  It’s nice to see that kids can still be creative.

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