Sebastian had baseball tryouts this past weekend.  He played in minors last year and had the opportunity to tryout for majors this year.  Mike had been working with him in the back yard the past couple of weeks to get him ready.  Tryouts were held Saturday evening (during the UMD hockey game) and Sunday morning.  Mike and Sebastian both thought it went very well.  Sebastian held off his nerves and made plays in front of more than a dozen coaches and many fellow baseball players and parents.  The phone call came last night to let him know if he had made it.  Sebastian and I were in the backyard throwing the ball while Mike was at gymnastics with Sophia.  We had just been talking about tryouts and the upcoming baseball season when a former coach and father of one his best friends called to let him know he was drafted to the Red Sox.  He would be on a team with some of his closest friends.  He handled the phone call very well and even said thank you to his new coach.  We’re very proud of you Sebastian and are looking forward to a great season.  WAY TO GO!

2010 Season - Pitching


2010 Season - At Bat

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