Day 10 Theme ~ Spaces

Our kitchen is the main hang out spot in our house.  Our kids do their homework at the counter, they eat breakfast there and they seem to snack there all day long.  We also play card games, board games and even watch TV in the kitchen.  There are other places in the house that are special to each of us.  One of those spaces is our pool table room.  Mike uses this room for his guy nights.  Pool, darts, TV and few snacks and beverages makes it a perfect hang out for his friends.  They don’t get together as often as they would like, but do manage to have a pretty good time when they do.

The Hang Out Room


Daphne has her favorite spaces too – anywhere warm and comfortable.  She has a dog bed in our bedroom and another in the living room.  When we go down to our family room to watch TV, her “warm and comfortable” spot is Sophia’s bean bag chair.

Bean Bag Chair

Sophia has all but given up rights to her bean bag chair.  Too much dog hair and a not-so-fresh smell has made her realize that she has doesn’t want to reclaim her once cherished spot.

I had to post this photo too – Daphne just hanging out in the living room on one of  her dog beds.  Isn’t she sweet?

Soaking Up Sun

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