At the end of the school year Sebastian’s class spent one afternoon planting their very own container garden.  The parent of one of his classmates started a project called Sydneys Green Garden.  Without ample space in their yard for a vegetable garden, they started planting vegetables in containers.  After several years of perfecting the seed varieties, they are now selling container gardening kits.  They have also visited many classrooms teaching kids how to grow their own vegetables.  Sebastian was given cucumber seeds to plant in his container; other classmates planted carrots.  He brought the container home, placed it on our deck and watered the soil almost daily.  During the first month Sebastian had to chase off chipmunks that kept digging up his seeds and small plants.  He replanted a few seeds after chipmunks ravaged his container and only two plants remained.  We eventually put a wire mesh net over the container for protection.  Once the plants were a bit larger, we took our chances and removed the mesh cover.  The plants thrived with all of the warm weather and frequent rain/watering during June and July.  Last week Sebastian picked his first cucumber.  Since then he has picked three more.      

Harvest Time

 We all agreed that they were the best cucumbers we have ever eaten.  I guess Sebastian has the green thumb of the family.  My garden hasn’t been quite as successful as Sebastian’s.  Our large oak tree continues to grow and shade my vegetable garden.  We did pick peas, lettuce and lots of green beans.  Early on we ate strawberries (the ones left behind by the chipmunks).  The only real success I’ve had is growing these.  Too bad they are probably poisonous.  There are dozens of them growing in a circle  around the oak tree.    


Given the success of Sebastian’s container garden, we may have to rethink our vegetable garden for next year.  Our small deck was an ideal location for Sebastian’s container – lots of sun and protected from the wind.  Mike may have to find an alternate location for his new grill.  Sorry Mike, we all have to make sacrifices.

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