We made a trip down to the Twin Cities on Sunday night in anticipation of going to the State Fair Monday.  We didn’t go last year and Sophia claimed she couldn’t remember going two years ago…not even the Giant Slide.  I guess she was only four at the time.  Sebastian remembered the fair very clearly.  He wanted to check out the Kidway, Midway and Giant Slide again.  Mike was mainly interested in the pronto pups and turkey drumsticks.  We got up early and made it to the fairgrounds at 8:30am.  Tom and Karen also came with us.  The weather was overcast, but warm and humid in the morning.  The afternoon ended up being sunny and in the 90’s.  It was definitely hot, but we had a great time.

Our first stop was “Little Farm Hands”.  Sebastian was hesitant to participate this year now that he is almost ten, but he was a good sport and trudged through with Sophia knowing that there was a reward for his labor at the end.  He opted out of the apron (too lame) and the tractor (too small).  The kids made their way through the various areas of the farm gathering eggs, picking vegetables, milking a cow and then turned in their farm goods for money to use in the store.  Instead of picking out Lucky Charms cereal like two years ago, Sebastian bought an apple and Sophia picked out a small stuffed lamb.

Sebastian brought his camera with so that we could take pictures of our day at the fair.

Tractor Driver
Corn for the Chickens
Corn for the Chickens
Farmer Family
Planting Seed
Strong Farmer Boy
Strong Farmer Girl
Milking the Cow

After working the farm, we ventured off to see some other displays and to find a pronto pup for Mike (and Sophia). 

Pronto Pups
Pronto Pup and Lambie

Off to the Kidway next…   

Ferris Wheel Ride
Across the Bridge and Down the Slide
Whale Ride
Whale Ride with Bubbles

Time for a Sno-Cone break.   

Rainbow Sno-Cone

Off to the Giant Slide.   

Giant Slide

If you look closely you can see Sebastian in a white shirt, Tom in all black and Mike and Sophia sitting on their burlap sack in black and pink, respectively.   

A few stops along the way included various fried foods, restroom breaks and Tom and Karen took the kids to the butterfly house while Mike and I looked at the Home Improvement area and Merchandise Mart.   

Despite the heat and crowds, we decided to check out the Miracle of Birth building.  It actually wasn’t too bad and the kids were able to see lambs, ducklings, chicks, calves, baby pigs and goats.   

Petting the Piglet
Petting the Piglet
Baby Goat

We made it over to the Midway for Sebastian to enjoy games for big kids.  We went through a lot of tickets (i.e. $’s), but Sebastian did win a large, stuffed gorilla and a purple stuffed cow.  Mike won a small penguin for Sophia.  After the games and rides we viewed more exhibits and ended up at the all-you-can-drink milk booth.  Karen treated Sophia to an ice-cold glass of milk.   

Milk Mustache

And don’t forget Heritage Square for a turkey drumstick.   

Turkey Drumstick

We made a quick stop to see a few Vikings players.   

Seb and A. P.
Seb and Farve
Mike and Jared Allen

The boys also stopped at the Fox Sports North booth and did a “live” broadcast.  It was recorded and can be viewed online.  I need to track down the link and will add it here.   

We left the fair via the Sky Ride per the kids request.

Mike and Sebastian
Sophia Riding the Sky Ride


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