We’ve had an interesting week with two unique events going on in the area.  In between baseball and soccer practices and games, we’ve seen Tall Ships and Dinosaurs.  

Last weekend the Tall Ships were in town.  Since they were docked outside my back door at work, I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures.  There was light fog in the morning before the first day of tours began.  People were lined up early for their chance to view and board the ships.  

Ships and Rowers
Pirate Ship
The Tall Ships
Crowds Gathering

The Tall Ships departed earlier this week only to be replaced by the Dinosaurs.  The four of us went to see the show last night.  We were not disappointed.  Instead of lugging my big camera with, I brought the old Panasonic camera with to capture a few pictures.  It did surprisingly well.  These are our favorites from the evening. 

Dinosaur II
Dinosaur III
Dinosaur IV
T-Rex and Baby T
The End

We probably won’t have anything quite as interesting to post about next week, although Sean’s 40th birthday party is only 7 days away. 🙂

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