Now that Sophia is six years and five days old, I’m finally getting around to posting the rest of her birthday photos.  It’s been a busy week! 

Despite foggy, wet weather, Sophia had a great birthday.  I took off from work a bit early to help with a mini-party for Sophia at daycare.  She requested “flag” cookies for her treat in honor of flag day.  She thinks its cool to share her birthday with a holiday.  Luckily, 4th of July cookies with red, white and blue sprinkles had already hit the stores.  After the treat, the kids worked on a photo frame art activity.  We took a group photo of the kids to put in the frame.  

Daycare Pals


 We headed home after the fun at daycare.  Sophia was very anxious to open her presents from us.  One of the biggest hits of the day was a mylar balloon monkey Mike had picked up on his way home from work.  

Monkey & Me


Next she opened a gift form her Aunt, Uncle & Cousins – Polly Pocket Van with cool accessories – huge hit!  She also opened a Zhu Zhu pet spiral slide, a book and a dress from us.  Her big gift was a much-needed new bike.  Since it was too big to wrap, Mike made her close her eyes while he got it from his hiding spot in the basement.  

Eyes Closed




I think she likes it…  

Very Cool!


Watch Out, Here She Come's

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