Mike had a few small requests for Father’s Day – time to relax with family, a nice dinner and a car wash and vacuum.  I think we were able to accomplish all of that and more.  The kids made cards and also gave him gifts in the morning.
My Daddy

After gifts, Sophia and I washed his car while Sebastian helped him with a project in the back yard.  The car took a while since the interior hadn’t been vacuumed or cleaned since last fall.  I think we emptied about 5 pounds of dirt out of his car.  He blames the kids and their dirty shoes all winter long. 

Mike’s parents arrived in the early afternoon and we enjoyed a light lunch out on the deck.  Our hope was to find an open baseball field and throw the ball around.  Sebastian wanted to show off his pitching skills, but there were games or practices on all of the nearby fields.  Instead we went over to Hartley park and hiked up to the highest point.  Before we made it to the top, we stopped at the pond.  We saw fish, a turtle and a few dragonflies. 

Dads & Kids
Karen, Mike & The Kids
Tom, Karen & The Kids
Mike, Mary & The Kids

We also saw the biggest birch tree any of us had ever seen before.

Tree Climbing
All Smiles

We saw many wildflowers.  Here are my favorites. 

Wildflowers I
Wildflowers II
At The Top

We finished the day with a nice dinner – pork tenderloin, risotto, salad and french bread.  Dessert was homemade chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream.  Oh, I almost forgot…lots of red wine too!  A perfect finish to a perfect day.  Right, Mike?

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