It was a sad day at our house yesterday.  Mike had to tell Sebastian and Sophia that our next door neighbor’s dog, Ty, passed away (I had chickened out and couldn’t do it).  Ty had lived next door to us for Sebastian and Sophia’s whole lifetime.  Sebastian used to take Ty for walks with our neighbor Greg.  It was an exciting time when Greg and Pam would go out-of-town for a few days and we would be in charge of feeding and walking Ty.  Sebastian did the math and Ty would have been between 91 and 98 years old in dog years.  We never knew how old he really was because Greg found him as a stray.  The kids made cards for Greg and Pam last night.  Sophia drew a picture of Ty and wrote on the front “I’m sorry Ty died”.  Sophia likes to get to the point.  Sebastian thought she should say “passed away” instead of “died”.  She went with her original wording in the end.  I’m sure Greg and Pam understood – she’s only five.  Sebastian wrote out a letter with all the thing he loved about Ty and how much he will miss him.  The kids brought the cards next door with a batch of home-made cookies.  They said they didn’t need me to come with.  I was very proud of them for their thoughtfulness and true sympathy.  

Ty, Sophia & Sebastian - March 2009

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