Tuesday was my birthday.  It wasn’t a big milestone birthday, but in some ways it seems like maybe it was.  As my Mom said in my birthday card, “…your last year of your thirties”.  Wow, when did I get so old?  Despite the number, I had a fabulous day.  Mike and I took the day off from work.  He got the kids off to school in the morning and brought back flowers, a fancy coffee and bagels with cream cheese.  We enjoyed our breakfast while watching the Today Show.  After getting our fill of the news and bagels, we decided to take Daphne for a long walk around the neighborhood.  The weather was in the 70’s and it was sunny – no rain, tornado warnings or 39 degree temperatures like I’ve had some years on my birthday. 

We checked out our yard and gardens when we got back.  I also looked in on our nesting birds.  Three babies had hatched!    

Bald Baby Birds

Backyard blooms…     

Purple Columbine
Sophia's Marigolds
Bush Cherry

After our stroll around the yard, we headed to Valentini’s restaurant for lunch.  We had a great table outside overlooking the lake.  We were planning to go to a movie in the afternoon, but the weather was too nice.  We opted for a walk along the Lakewalk instead.  We ended up having ice cream at the Bridgeman’s at Fitger’s and walked down to the lake to dip our toes in to cool off a bit.     

Lake View
American Mariner

We picked up the kids from school and opened presents before Sebastian’s baseball game.   

Birthday Card

Sebastian had two hits in his game – a single and a double – and also pitched an inning.      


We finished off the evening with a quick dinner and some birthday cake.  


I can’t think of a better way to spend my last birthday in my thirties. 🙂

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