Another baseball season is upon us.  Sebastian is in his 2nd year of minors in Little League.  This is his first year as pitcher though.  He has a very strong lefty throw.  So strong that I make him ease up a bit when we play catch in the backyard.  (Just to be clear, Mary is writing this, not Mike.)  I never thought a 9 year could throw that hard.  He has struck out a few kids already and shows great promise for the season.  His fielding and batting has been great.  He is quite a player.  Look out MN Twins!  

Here are a few photos I took during his pitching debut.  

Pitcher I
Pitcher II
Pitcher III
Pitcher IV
Pitcher V

On a side note, I didn’t have much opportunity for game photos.  Sophia and I were spectators while Mike was coaching.  We thought it would be good to bring Daphne along since she had been home alone most of the day.  What I didn’t realize is that boxers are kid magnets.  I could have assembled my own T-Ball team will all of the little kids that wanted to pet her (and get licked by her).  I made the same mistake last night too.  If there are going to be any more game photos, Daphne is going to have to stay back at the house.  Sorry Daphne!

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