The kids are officially on summer vacation.  They finished their last day of school on Thursday.  Sebastian will be moving on to 4th grade and Sophia 1st grade in the fall.  Sebastian had a year filled with lots of math and learning to write in cursive.  He excelled at both.  He has better handwriting than Mike and me!  He was also give the “Peacemaker Award” by his teacher.  Only one student in the classroom was given an award and Sebastian was chosen.  The honor goes to the student who best resolves conflict and teaches his peers by example.  Sophia also had a great year by making new friends, learning to count to 100 and reading!  She loves to read Dr. Seuss, Little Critter books, or just about anything on her bookshelf.  I snapped a couple of pictures in the morning before they headed off to their last day of school.  But first, here’s a picture of Mike and Sophia at her Teddy Bear picnic. 

Teddy Bear Picnic
Breakfast Of Champions
On The Way Out The Door
Waiting For The Bus
Catching A Ride
Sophia At Her Cubby
Gifts & Cards For The Teacher
Sophia & Her Teacher

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