That is the amount of snow that we received on May 7.  Rather than being completely freaked out, the kids, Mike and Daphne decided to enjoy it.  I was personally a bit freaked out, but kept myself amused by seeing how much fun they were all having. 

By lunchtime this is what our backyard looked like.  I didn’t have much luck playing fetch with Daphne.  She had difficulty finding the ball and when she did actually locate it, she rolled it around so much that it turned into a snowball. 

Daphne Looking For The Tennis Ball

After we all got home from work and school, Mike pulled out the sleds from the top shelf in the garage while I dug out winter boots, hats and mittens.  Mike and the kids piled up snow for a jump in the backyard, then pretended it was February instead of May. 

Ready For Some Fun
No Hands
Ready, Set, Go!!

The plants, bushes and trees took a bit of a beating. 

Apple Blossom Buds
Snow Covered Lilacs
Sad Daffodils
Snow Covered Street

After getting my fill of snow, I headed inside while the kids and Mike stayed out to play some more.  Sophia found it amusing to throw snowballs at me while I was looking out the window. 

Forming The Perfect Snowball
Ready, Aim, Fire!

 Sebastian also found it very amusing. 

Snow Covered Sebastian
 One last photo before I put the camera away. 
Spring Time Fun

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