Happy Birthday Karen/Mom/Nana!

We all had a fabulous time celebrating your birthday with you on Saturday.  We hope you are having a wonderful day today too!
Here are a few highlights from the birthday party.
Nana Karen and Ella - Opening Birthday Cards
Nana Karen and Ella - Funny Card
Nana Karen and Ella - Big Hug
More Birthday Card Opening
Just Finding Out What Her Gift Is
The New Pedal Boat Still Wrapped In Plastic
Waiting For The Birthday Cake
Blowing Out The Candles - With A Little Help

 After opening cards and presents, eating dinner and birthday cake, the adults conversed in the living room while the kids went downstairs to play.  Here’s what Sebastian and Ella looked like after 30 rounds of Wii Mario Kart.    

Glazed Over
Speed Racer
We had such a great time we didn’t think to get pictures of everyone.  Oh well!  A big thank you goes to Sean and Melissa for hosting the party and also to Karen for having a birthday which gave us the opportunity to get everyone together. 🙂
Papa, Max and The Birthday Girl

One thought on “Happy Birthday!

  1. What great pictures. thanks so much for taking them. I wanted to get a picture of all of us but maybe we can do that at the cabin on Memorial Day. Dad and I are renting a trailer to take the pedal boat up to the lake. I am so excited for warm weather so I can try it out. thanks to all of you for convincing Dad to go in on buying it.

    Love you all, Nana Karen


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