The weather was less than fabulous this past weekend – windy and cooler with off and on sprinkles.  We were all wiped out from traveling last weekend and a busy work/school week.  It was nice to stay home, get a few projects and some cleaning done and just hang out.  Since outdoor play was less than favorable, we decided to set up Sophia’s tent in the living room.  The kids plugged in their portable DVD player, grabbed some snacks and camped out in the living on Saturday afternoon.   

Indoor Camping


Camped Out


Pets Allowed




Sophia and I did sneak outside between wind gusts and sprinkles to pick some spring flowers.   



Daffodil Bouquet


We decided to go to the movies on Sunday and see How To Train Your Dragon.  We all enjoyed the movie…and the buttery popcorn.  Despite the windy weather in the afternoon, the boys headed out to the baseball field to practice pitching and batting.  At home, Sophia convinced me to do some baking with her.  A friend from work had passed along her child’s Easy Bake Oven.  We made two batches of cookies.  Sophia ate one batch and Sebastian ate the other.  Mike was disappointed that there weren’t any left for him.  I had to explain that each batch makes only ONE cookie.  Not only does the oven only bake one cookie at a time, they take FOREVER!  At least that’s what it seemed like when Sophia was waiting for her cookie to finish baking.   

Cooling Off


White & Chocolate Cookie


Chocolate & White Cookie


After cookies, we went out to take a few pictures of the cherry blossoms.  A pleasant way to finish the weekend. 

In Bloom


Cherry Blossoms


Blooming Bush Cherries

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