A quick recap of the past week…  

Sunday – Chef’s Club Brunch and a Car Show  

As usual, the brunch was fabulous.  No time for photos, we were all too busy eating.  We followed the brunch by a quick tour through the car show next door.  

Sweet Ride
One Big Truck

Monday – Sebastian’s last little league baseball clinic.  Sophia’s 2nd to last gymnastics class of the session.  Mike’s CBIC committee meeting.  

Tuesday – Chester Bowl Ski Banquet  

Sophia's Medal - Seb's 1st Place Trophy

Wednesday – No activities.  We took a family walk in the evening.  The boys threw the ball around while Sophia and I checked out the spring plants coming up.  The boys took a break from their game to pose for some pictures.  

Miss Sophia
Daffodil Plants

Thursday – We enjoyed an evening out with the kids at the Seussical playWe were given tickets at Christmas and have been waiting to check it out.  We were not disappointed.  

Friday – End of the week…finally!  Mike had the day off and I used a vacation day so that we could spend time together.  We were able to hang out, watch the Today show, take Daphne for a leisurely walk and enjoy a quiet house.  We did have to pick the kids up from school in the afternoon, but it was a good day.   We need to do this again…SOON!

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