We enjoyed a nice, but quiet Easter weekend.  We drove out to my parents’ house on Saturday.  The kids dyed Easter eggs with some help from Grandma.  We all had a good time including Daphne who loved her time out in the country.  

Coloring Easter Eggs With Grandma
Checking To See If The Color Is Just Right
Almost All Done
Easter Egg Crew

The kids searched for their Easter baskets first thing this morning.  We opted for the 11am church service so that we could enjoy the morning in our pj’s.  It was a bit windy outside when we got back from church so we decided to have our Easter egg hunt indoors.  We did get a chance to spend some time outside later in the day.  We (I) cooked a yummy ham dinner with home-made scalloped potatoes, french bread and sautéed pea pods and carrots.  Fresh from the oven, double chocolate brownies with ice cream and strawberry sauce for dessert.  We’re all stuffed! 

Waiting For The Family Photo
Dressed In Our Sunday Best
The Hunt Is On
Looking High And Low
Found It!
Trying Out The New Sidewalk Chalk - Happy Easter!
Easter Dinner

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