With the kids on spring break this week, Mike and I decided to take a day off from work to go on a short day trip.  We hit the jackpot with warm, sunny weather on Monday.  Temperatures were in the 60’s.  Not bad for April!  We packed a picnic lunch, loaded the kids and Daphne in the car and headed north.  Mike wanted to bring the kids to Gooseberry Falls.  We often visited once or twice a year before we had kids, but haven’t been back since Sebastian was born.  We arrived at the park, got Daphne’s leash on, grabbed a backpack with supplies and hiked out to the falls.   

Sebastian & The Upper Falls
Sophia & The Upper Falls

Mike had the kids pose for this shot.  This is right before Sebastian shoved Sophia’s arm away.  Brotherly love!   

Gazing At The River

I thought that I would spend some time taking great pictures of the falls, but I didn’t even bring my tripod with and we were on a mission to get out to Lake Superior.  This is the only shot I have of the falls without the kids.  Oh well, maybe next time.   

Gooseberry Falls
Hiking Out To Lake Superior
One Of The Locals

If I had the 70-200mm Canon lens that I’ve been trying to talk Mike into letting me purchase, this photo of a deer that we saw across the river would be so much better.   


And finally we make it out to the lake.   

Rocky Hike Out To The Lake
Rock Climbing
Lake Superior
Lake Superior
Tree By The Lake

We made a stop at the visitor’s center before we left the park.  The kids brought along a few dollars just in case they had a gift shop.  Mike was thinking they would purchase a small souvenir with the words “Gooseberry Falls” etched somewhere on it.  A nice momento to remember a great family day.  Instead, the kids each purchased plush stuffed bald eagles.  Interesting choice, but it was their own money.  

We planned to stop at Dairy Queen in Two Harbors for a treat on the way back, but we were all wiped out from the hike, including Daphne who slept the whole way home.

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