Mesabi Miner

I’m not overly knowledgeable about shipping on the Great Lakes, but it was pretty cool to watch the first departure of the season by the Mesabi Miner today.  I saw her out in the harbor when I came to work this morning with a small tugboat alongside her.  There is stil a good amount of ice in the harbor and the tug was there to assist as needed.  The Mesabi Miner departed Duluth headed for Marquette, Michigan to drop off a cargo of coal.  She will return back to Duluth on Saturday to load iron ore pellets.  She will be the first arrival of the season in Marquette and will become the first arrival in Duluth on Saturday when she returns for cargo.  The shipping details above are from

Mesabi Miner
Ready For Departure
Travel Companion
Set Sail
Ship & Tug
Tug, Ship & Bridge
Under The Bridge
Heading Out On The Big Lake
Job Well Done