A Smattering Of Recent Days

A look through my iPhone camera roll and recent pictures on my Canon didn’t provide anything amazing, but at the same time gave a glimpse of the last week or so.

This iPhone photo was taken in my neighborhood on a drive home from work.  Notice the hood of my vehicle on the bottom right.  I did stop and park before taking the picture.

Freshly Fallen Snow | March 21


Here’s an iPhone photo of Sophia before she headed off to Wolf Ridge Environment Learning Center for three days last week.  She was super excited for the trip with her 4th grade class.  She returned home with wonderful stories and memories which included seeing a porcupine, starting a campfire and looking through owl pellets and assembling the skeleton of a mouse.

Packed & Ready To Go | March 26


Here’s another recent snowstorm photo.  The sun had just come up and the tree to the far left was glowing in the morning light.

After The Storm | March 28


Sophia took this picture of the race car Sebastian made in his PTLW class at school.  He learned how to use power tools to create it and then finished it off with a fancy paint job and red tires.  Very cool!  (p.s. He got an “A” on the project)

Hot Rod | March 28


It has become commonplace to see a Coast Guard Cutter out on the lake.  Sebastian spotted this one on Friday coming back in towards Duluth.

Across The Lake | March 28


We have an ongoing tradition of Friday night “pizza & movie night”.  This past Friday was a bit hectic – Sophia had just returned from Wolf Ridge, Mike was coming home from a day trip to the Twin Cities for a funeral and Sebastian was heading out to a preseason baseball team gathering.  Despite the chaotic day, I took out my awesome Kitchen-Aid mixer and whipped up a batch of pizza dough.  Mike and I shared a tomato-basil pizza.  We finished the whole thing that night.  I think Mike ate three-quarters of it himself.  I guess he liked it as much as I did – or maybe even more.

Homemade Margherita Pizza | March 28


We attended a fundraiser brunch this past Sunday.  This is one of the beautiful ice sculptures that was on display.  The food was amazing and we all went home very full.

Nice Ice | March 30


With baseball season just around the corner (or when the five feet of snow on the field melts), Mike and Sebastian went shopping for a new baseball bat.  Sebastian wanted to try a few swings at the batting cage after brunch.  There is also a huge game area in the complex and Sophia was very happy to kill some time there.  She ended up hitting two jackpots and accumulated over 500 tickets to redeem for “fabulous prizes”.  She came home with a large stuffed frog, a green ball, two Thin Mints and a spinning top.

Winner! | March 30


In order to work off all of the brunch food, I took Daphne for a long walk on a trail near a pond.  We spotted some ducks and geese (not pictured).  I think they migrated north a bit too soon.

Snow Ducks | March 30
On Frozen Pond | March 30


While I was busy walking Daphne, Mike and Sophia worked on creating a snowman.

Building Olaf | March 30
Sophia & Olaf | March 30


Upon my return to work this morning, another Coast Guard Cutter was docked in the harbor.  The Morro Bay had returned from its journey out on Lake Superior and was in need of repairs to its rudder.  With the ice as thick as eight feet in some areas, the Cutter was no match for Lake Superior.

In Need Of Repair | March 31


Sophia and I enjoyed the last weekend of “official” summer with a walk/bike ride.  We brought Daphne with so that she could enjoy the warm weather too.  The forecast of 71 degrees happened early in the day.  It cooled off later in the afternoon and then the rain began during the evening.  We spent an hour or so enjoying the weather, picking up fall leaves, acorns and other items for Sophia’s craft project.  We also enjoyed seeing some of the local wildlife.  No bears this day, thank goodness!

The first of the wildlife was a pair if deer in a yard about a half a mile from our house.  This doe was rather curious and watched us for a while before bounding off into the trees.

Oh Deer!

We saw a group of ducks including some nearly full-grown ducklings.  The colorful feathers on their heads had not filled in yet.

Watching And Waiting
Water Fowl

We also saw this heron standing completely still in the pond.

Long-Legged Bird
Standing Still

When the bird had enough of our picture-taking, he/she flew off.

Fly Away

When we went around to the second pond, we saw him/her again.

Mirror Image

The geese spotted us and made their way over across the pond looking for hand outs.  We forgot to bring food with, so they lost interest after a while.

Snow White

Along the road on the way out Sophia stopped for a quick picture.


We noticed that some of the branches on the trees were sporting fall hues.


Today’s weather is cold, windy and rainy.  We are glad that we got out yesterday to enjoy the last few hours of warmth.