TEN x 7

Our faithful boxer Daphne is turning 10 today.  Here are 10 things that we love about you Daphne…

10. You enjoy going for walks and get excited anytime you hear the noise made from your collar and leash getting taken out of the drawer.

9. You love to play fetch with tennis balls in the backyard.

8. You love to play fetch in the basement with your squeaky bone.

7. You love to play. Period.

6. You love peanut butter.  As soon as I pull the jar out of the cupboard and start twisting the cap off you come running into the kitchen hoping for a taste.  Despite your very adorable face, your begging doesn’t always work.

5. You are a wonderful guard dog and are very protective.  You bark when someone is outside the house, at the door or when the kids get too wild in the house.

4.  You are always excited to see us when we get home.

3. Your favorite thing to do in the morning is wake up Sophia for school.  You howl, wag your tail and tap her with your paws to get her out of bed.

2. Your favorite thing to do at night is have your bed moved into Sebastian’s room before he goes to sleep.  You get comfy and don’t want to leave.  We think it is because Sebastian has the warmest room in the house.  Sebastian thinks it’s because of him.  He is probably right.

1. We are so glad that we adopted you 5 1/2 years ago.  You made our family complete.

Sweet Daphne

Super Dog

Daphne is nearly 10 years old, but she still knows how to play like a puppy.  She loves playing fetch and tug-o-war.  Sophia wanted to see how far Daphne could jump when leaping off the deck to fetch her ball.  I think we were all impressed with her height and distance.

The Approach
The Jump
Nearly A Decade Old
Portrait Of A Boxer

It’s not often that we see Sebastian in a shirt tie.  He was all dressed up to attend an end-of-the season caddie banquet at the local country club.

Formal Affair

Most of my plants are done for the season including the garden vegetables and flowers. The deer have finished off anything that had remained except for a few blossoms on the hosta plants and one lonely rose.

Hosta Flowers
Last Rose Of Summer
Hen And Chicks
Fungus On Birch

The fall colors are beginning to show up on maple trees throughout the city.  I’m looking forward to capturing some of those changing hues in the weeks ahead.


This Week’s Photos

I’m too tired for a lot of writing, so without further ado, here are this week’s photos.

Yellow Bird
Feeding Time


Deer Feeder?
Taking Time To Chew His Food
Mmm, Mmm, Good

Time to rake the yard.

The Clean Up Crew
Bag Lady
A Break From The Rake

A couple of photos of our “senior” boxer, Daphne.

Portrait Of A Boxer

I’m still waiting for these to bloom.  It’s been so cold, I think they are afraid to open.

Ready To Bloom
Daffodils ~ Also Waiting To Bloom
Northern Flicker
Looking For Dinner

Our first thunderstorm of the season brought hail.


The Honorable James L. Oberstar came in under the Aerial Lift Bridge at 9:30 this morning.  Yes, that really is ice in the harbor on May 8.  I photographed the boat back in 2011 the day before it was christened with Oberstar’s name.  You can see photos here.

Hon. James L. Oberstar
In The Harbor