The Northern Lights were out last night.  With very little preparation, I grabbed my camera bag, tripod, flashlight and pepper spray and ventured out to see if I could capture the elusive lights.  The location I was hoping to watch them from had too many houses and cars passing by with lights that would not allow me to see the aurora.  I kept driving and found myself on a dead-end dirt road.  An open hayfield with a great north view was found by chance.  Despite fumbling around in the dark with my new tripod and some very uneven ground with mud and snow, I did manage to get a few images of the aurora.  I’m still working on my technique and need to be better prepared next time, but overall I think it was a good night.  I didn’t get eaten by coyotes and the farmer who owned the field didn’t come out of his house with a shotgun.  Definitely a good night.

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