Day 17 | Karaoke
Buddy and Sock Monkey sang a little karaoke on day seventeen.

Day 18 | Sliding
Buddy and Sock Monkey were sliding down the railing in our “under construction” basement on day eighteen.

Day 19 | Coloring
Buddy pulled out the colored pencils and a coloring book on day nineteen.

Day 20 | All Aboard
Buddy hopped aboard the Christmas Tree Express on day twenty.

Day 21 | Paper Snowflakes
Buddy was very creative on day twenty-one and was found cutting paper snowflakes including Olaf, Iron Man, Batman and penguins.

Day 22 | Framed
On day twenty-two, Buddy pointed out that there were no photos of him in the house and decided to put himself in the frame.

Day 23 | Snowball Fight
Buddy, Sock Monkey and the Polar Bears had a snowball fight on day twenty-three.

Day 24 | Bye, Bye, Buddy
Buddy packed his suitcase and was ready to head home to the North Pole on day twenty-four.

It’s been a great December.  Have a safe trip home, Buddy!


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