My old laptop has finally been retired.  Editing images had become an extremely tedious and painful process.  The hard drive was near capacity, RAM seemed to be nonexistent, right-clicking made for a circling mouse cursor that lasted up to a minute.  The new laptop is sleek, beautiful and unbelievably fast.  Oh, how I love viewing and editing photos on a high resolution monitor.  Life is good.

I still have a number of images to go through from earlier in October, but here are some from recent days.

This beautiful sunrise was enjoyed prior to a very wet and dreary day.  At least we had the morning.


A favorite to photograph, our neighbor’s lovely ornamental grass basking in the early evening sunlight.

Glorious Grass

I saved these pretty little cosmos from a more than a few evenings of frost.  They have shown their gratitude by continuing to bloom.  These are the first white blossoms I’ve seen this year.

Late Bloomer

A sunny day with highs in the mid-5o’s brought out the last honey bee of the season.  I don’t expect to see any more until spring.

Last Honey Bee Of The Season

Daphne enjoyed some late afternoon sun and posed for a few photos.  It helped that I held one of her favorite tennis balls in my left hand.  She was very captivated.

Brown-Eyed Girl

She was very patient, but then she started looking at me like this.  Way too serious.


I treated her to some fetch when the photo shoot was over.


I’m quite certain that she felt it was worth the wait.

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