Sebastian celebrated his 14th birthday today.  Here is a list of fourteen of his favorite things.

14.  Magazine: Motor Trend

13.  Cable Show: MythBusters on the Discovery Channel

12.  TV Show: Agents of Shield on ABC

11.  Old Music: AC/DC & Journey

10.  New Music: Imagine Dragons

9.  Dinner: Tie – Tacos or Filet Mignon

8.  Doughnut: Glazed (Sorry I got this one wrong today, but chocolate frosting with sprinkles is pretty good too.)

7.  Beverage: High Bridge Root Beer from Lake Superior Brewing

6.  Phone: iPhone 6

5.  Tablet: iPad Air

4. Clothing: Tie – Under Armour or Nike

3.  Shoes: Nike

2.  Sport: Baseball

1.  People: Family (Right, Sebastian?)

A few pictures from today…

Little Sister & Big Brother
“Super Excellent Brother” – Birthday Card From Sophia
Birthday Doughnuts
With The Birthday Banner Before School

We had a nice evening together celebrating your birthday.  Tomorrow you will have a second day of celebrating, but this time with your friends.  We hope you enjoy being fourteen and all that the year ahead holds for you.


Mom, Dad & Sophia

One thought on “Fourteen

  1. Great Pictures and you still will still be able to celebrate your birthday with another gift from us.  Love Nana and PapaSent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App


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