Now that August is almost over and the start of school is less than a week away, I feel that I really should finish up the posts about our July family vacation.  Other than the time we spent on or in the water, we did enjoy campfires, making s’mores, going into town for mini golf and keeping Sebastian sharp for his baseball season at the local field.   We also fed ducks, went for walks/runs, the kids fished, Sophia used her scooter and Sebastian used his long board.  There were plenty of card and board games and even one movie night on a rainy evening.  The week went by quickly…too quickly, but we enjoyed our time together and look forward to our next vacation.

Around The Campfire
Assembling The Perfect S’more
Double Dark Chocolate Fudge, Roasted Marshmallow & Graham Cracker

The Perfect Putt

Hoping For A Hole In One
Photo Op At The Mini Golf Course
Meet The Parents
At The Baseball Field
Swing Batter
Sophia At Bat
Gone Fishin’
Feeding The Ducks
Duck At Dawn

One final family photo.

Family Photo Time
Until Next Year


5 thoughts on “Hayward 2014 | The Finale

  1. Mary, I am so glad I am on a list to get your info and pictures. I always enjoy both. Looks like you had a great vacation. I think I will see you over Labor Day.

    Love, Gretchen

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