We have had a busy month or  two with the end of the school year, holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.  Here’s a very brief recap of what we have been celebrating.

Mother’s Day

Both kids were standing a little straighter than normal so that they could look taller than me.  Sebastian is only 1/4 of an inch away from catching me.

Mother’s Day | Making S’mores

Fit-n-Fun Run

After The Race | T-Shirt & Ribbon

My Birthday

A quick birthday picture before heading out to Sebastian’s baseball game.

43 – Yikes!

Last Day of 4th Grade

Going To The Bus Stop | Still A Little Tired
One Last Look Back

Last Day of 7th Grade

Ready To Be Done!

Birthday Surprise

Ready For The Surprise
High Jumper
Birthday Gifts
Birthday Wishes
The Birthday Party | Pottery Burn
Birthday Board

Father’s Day

Father’s Day Relaxation
More Relaxation


We have also celebrated a niece’s wedding in May, a nephew’s wedding in June and the graduation of another nephew just yesterday.  We have one more nephew getting married in August…another celebration!


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