Doing The Splits On The Trampoline

Happy Birthday Sophia! You are T-E-N today!!  Here is your  top ten list from the past year.

10. You continue to advance in your gymnastics classes and love going to your two-hour sessions twice a week.

9. You started out in 4th grade and now that school is over, you are officially a 5th grader!

8. You had an awesome final report card with lots of A’s.

7. You haven’t lost a tooth in over a year, but lost one just this week.

6. You had to get glasses because you were having a hard time seeing the smart board.

5. You played in two piano recitals and participated in two judged piano events.

4. You have started to learn how to play golf and will begin lessons next week.

3. You met Grandma’s new kitten and couldn’t stop playing with her.

2. You celebrated your 10th birthday a few days early with friends at the Pottery Burn. You painted a clay frog.

1. You received an early birthday present on June 13 –  a trampoline.  So far you think it is awesome.

3 thoughts on “TEN

  1. Your the best mom and dad ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys so much!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 😉


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