Growing up in rural Minnesota, life was simple.  Too simple I thought at the time.  Summers were spent working on the farm, making hay, helping with the garden.  As a kid, I didn’t appreciate the simple life.  Going back and visiting my Mom this past weekend made me realize that growing up out in the country was actually pretty cool.  We learned how things grow, we saw calves being born, chickens hatching and tadpoles turn into frogs. We harvested peas, beans, carrots and more than a dozen other vegetables from the garden. We picked apples and plums in the fall from our trees.  We cut wood for the stove to keep the house warm in the winter.  These are the kinds of thing I want my kids to see, understand and appreciate.  I know a quick weekend with Grandma won’t do all of this, but it’s a start.

Running Wild
Field Of Dreams
Open Playing Field
Off The Beaten Path

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