The first few days of fall have been sunny and dry.  I went for a long walk with Daphne and the kids on Saturday.  The kids actually chose to ride their bikes instead of walk.  I took my camera with so I could catch the dramatic changing of leaves that we are now enjoying.  The leaves aren’t quite at their peak, but many have turned golden yellow, bright orange and deep red.

Colorful Drive
Coming Right At Me
Big Red

I told Sophia before we left that we may go to the pond and see the ducks and geese.  She decided to bring bread with so that she could offer them a nice mid-afternoon snack.

Snack Time
Looking For Hand Outs
Pick Me, Pick Me
Many Mouths To Feed
Angry Bird

The kids thought this huge mushroom growing on an elm tree was a bee hive.  Luckily no bees, but one big fungus.

The Fungus Among Us
Close Up

We had a number of small birds fly into our south-facing picture window on Saturday.  Unfortunately, two birds didn’t make it.  Sophia managed to “rescue” this bird.  I think it is a downy woodpecker, but do not confess to be an ornithologist, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Female Downy Woodpecker?
In Good Hands
Feeling A Little Better
Ready For Take Off

It was just seconds after I took this picture that she flew off.  Her crash into the window must have made her see stars, but it only took a few minutes to shake it off and take flight again.  We were glad to have a happy ending to her story.

Saving the best photos for last…

Ornamental Grass
Looking Up
Burnt Orange
Gone To Seed

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