Sophia went to a garden-themed birthday party way back in May.  Each child at the party planted seeds into a small pot and brought them home as their party favor.  Sophia watered her seeds when she got home and after several days the seeds came up.  We kept the small pot outside on our deck and made sure the plants were watered.  Through several torrential downpours in June, the little seedlings survived.  Sophia lost interest in them a bit as the weeks passed.  We did make sure they stayed water, but they probably could have used some fertilizer and a big pot.  Just this past week I noticed that there were buds forming on the small plants.  Sophia became excited to see what kind of flowers the plants would have.  She was surprised to see that the first two blooms were different colors.  They aren’t the most exquisite of flowers, but we agreed that she had grown some pretty little zinnias.

Zinnia Flower
Side View

There are a few more plants with buds and Sophia is anxiously awaiting to see if they will bloom in different colors too.

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