A little over two weeks ago I posted about my container garden.  Plentiful sunshine and lots of watering has allowed for the tomatoes to ripen, the zucchini and summer squash to produce fruit, the bean plants to bloom and grow small beans and the cucumbers to go crazy.  Here’s a mini garden tour.

Ripening Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Summer Squash
Baby Beans

I can’t wait to pinch off a few leaves of basil and make some bruschetta this weekend.  French bread, fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes and tender basil leaves.  Yum!  I can almost taste it.

Sweet Basil
Small Squash
Baby Pam Pumpkin

My pepper plant blooms, but drops the buds before they turn into tiny peppers.  I think the plant may be diseased or maybe it’s just mad at me.

Angry Pepper

Sebastian and I thinned the carrots this week.  We each sampled a small carrot.  Sebastian said that it was delicious and way better than store-bought.  Success!


And a big thank you to the bee that has helped make my garden vegetables possible.

Mr. Pollination

We found this print in our small fenced-in garden.  We don’t plant much in it anymore.  The trees nearby have grown and provide way too much shade.  We did plant some leftover seeds and have a few peas, beans, carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers and squash.  Apparently the fence surrounding the garden isn’t high enough though.  A hungry deer hopped the fence and proceeded to nibble on the bean plants.

Deer Track
“Pruned” Bean Plant

We also busted a chipmunk eating sugar snap peas and trying his hand at a cherry tomato.  We put out a live trap so that we can relocate him to a nearby woods.  So far he has enjoyed some free food and made a sneaky exit before getting trapped.  We were able to catch his partner in crime two weeks ago when he went up a water downspout off our house.  We emptied him into our old cat carrier and Mike found him a new home two miles from our house.  We really would like to catch the second chipmunk so that they can be reunited.

And last, but not least, here are a few photos of the amazing brown-eyed Susan growing in the backyard.

Bountiful Brown-Eyed Susans
Vibrant Yellow And Dark Brown
At Eye Level

4 thoughts on “Container Gardening, A Mini Tour

  1. I love the cute little zukes. Looks like they’re growing pretty well in containers? How big are the containers you’re using for them? The only time I had pepper plant buds fall off was when they weren’t getting pollinated.


    1. The containers are 13″ in diameter and 10″ deep. The cucumbers are doing great. We ate two this weekend and have three more ready to pick. There are also several more growing nicely that will be ready soon. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Thanks! I might have to give them a try next year in a pot then. I’m dying for some delicious zuke/apple cake or bread!


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