The second half of our vacation gave us more sun and warm weather.

Day Four

On our fourth day of vacation, Sebastian made plans to get out on the lake before any of the other boaters.  He wanted to experience the calm waters with no waves.  He also knew that Mike would drive faster without any other boats on the lake.

Full Speed Ahead


After boating, we all swam and relaxed.  We stopped for a minute so Mike could take a picture of me with the kids.  Sophia had a hard time not being silly.

Silly Sophia
Goofy Girl
Big Smiles


Back in the water.

Three Peas In A Pod


We enjoyed a fireworks show from our cabin on July 3 held by the Famous Dave’s restaurant on the opposite side of Round Lake.  We were a bit far away, but the night was calm and the fireworks were a nice way to end the day.

White Lights
Red Lights
Blue Lights


Day Five

Before heading out to swim in the lake , the boys played a little chess.  Sebastian has become quite a chess player and pulled off a win against Mike.

Game On


By request, I made one of Sebastian’s favorite muffins – lemon poppy seed.

Fresh From The Oven


The heat from the oven was too much, so we headed out to cool off.

Ready To Take The Plunge
In The Air
Ready For Contact
Splash Down


Sebastian found the best way to relax.

Cool And Calm


Until we tipped him over.

All Wet


After the getting soaked, Sebastian worked on his balance.

Well Balanced
Losing It
All Wet…Again


Time for dinner.

Steaks On The Grill


We had our own little fireworks display in the driveway for the 4th of July.

Bright Lights
Lighting Up The Sky


We also enjoyed fireworks shot off by the neighboring cabins.

All Lit Up
Greenish Glow


Day Six

Another day, more beautiful weather.

Gaggle Of Geese


We found an old pair of kids’ water skis in the garage.  Sebastian tried them out for size and decided to give it a shot.  He got up on his first try and stayed up for a minute and a half.  I still have to upload the video Sophia took with my iPhone, but will insert it here when it’s done.

Day Seven

Rain in the morning, dry afternoon.  Time to make a trip into town for mini golf.

Sophia’s Putt
Mary’s Putt
Mike’s Putt
Sebastian’s Putt


We didn’t keep score, but everyone had a hole-in-one along the way of the eighteen holes (except me).

We did a little shopping for souvenirs, had lunch at Subway and also picked up a treat for the trip back to the cabin.

Cool Treat


We all purchased “Hayward” t-shirts when we were in town.  I made everyone put them on for a group photo.

Family Photo


Day Seven

More sun, more fun, more swimming and boating.

Having Fun


Sophia and I fed bread to a family of ducks.

Mama Duck And Her Ducklings
Boating Lesson With Dad
Bunny Ears


Daphne acted as our life guard while we were in the water.

On Duty
Sleeping On The Job


Day Eight

Check out day.  One last look around.

Beyond The Dock
Packed And Ready To Go
On Our Way


We had originally planned to check out some of the tourist attractions in the area during our vacation – wild life park, go-kart racing, etc., but ended up spending most of our time at the cabin in or on the water.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather and since it was the 4th of July week, Hayward was packed with tourists.  Streets were filled with pedestrians, stores were teaming with tourists and restaurants were busy with hungry vacationers.  We did go out for pizza one evening and stopped by the candy store for dessert.  We also found an empty baseball field for Sebastian to stay up on his batting and pitching skills the day we mini golfed.  Other than that, it was a very low-key vacation.  I guess you could say it was exactly what we needed.

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